Friday, 13 November 2015

My Favourite Chocolate Bar- Terrys Chocolate Orange

Have you ever wondered what your favourite chocolate bar is? Well, after having lots of different kinds, from Cadbury's Dairy Milk to Mars, the best has to be Terry's Chocolate Orange. The chocolate delivers the best quality chocolate. I like this because of its flavour. Despite not creating boxful's of the chocolate, they take their time, which means more quality. The oranges are luxurious. Its mainly chocolate, but its rich orange creates flavour. If you slam it down, it peels off the rest of the slices like an actual orange would do. That creates the fun part. But overall, you can taste the orange oil and the chocolate together and separately. Also, they have created new formula's; like, popping candy and honeycomb. So, what is your favourite chocolate  bar?

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  1. Fleur,I like the way you said best quality because they take there time and when you said its mainly chocolate but its the rich orange you could try add a logo for it


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